Back to school

Chills, cramps and hot flashes. Nerves at the surface of the skin. The wait is over and the ball is rolling again on the pitch, and with it the activity of this rational fan returns.

After a market with an infinity of circus movements and pre-pandemic transactions, the high expectations of spectacle are guaranteed. My demand, in terms of the content of these lines, is not going to be less.

Like those who focus on the music and not on the message conveyed by the lyrics, the major clubs have opted to collect names and make the front pages rather than to focus on calming down their tactical rigor. We will see if success ultimately rests on the shoulders of one man or is sustained by the drive of a team. Their planning is visibly biased by the celebration of a high-caliber event such as the World Cup, in a scenario as artificial as it is controversial. Without abandoning the unrealistic, the predisposition of the players with their respective teams represents a question mark in the face of the possibility of participating in a tournament of such importance.

As for predictions, I trust that my opinions are worth more than a simple coin toss, I describe the Spanish League as the cradle of competitiveness while I give the Premier League the power to be the home of spectacle, with Manchester City being the director and scriptwriter. In both France and Germany, all sides seem to have given up and opted to pay obeisance to PSG and Bayern.

May the best (and not the most deserving, remember that soccer is not fair) win, I bet we are going to have fun.

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