Coincidence or causality

Let’s abandon any banal introduction that serves to fill lines in this article. Real Madrid’s continuous exploits this season in European competition are both unmatched and unimaginable. Any praise seems minuscule in the face of such overcoming displays. However, could they have been predicted?

Let’s take a step aside and within the entertainment sector let’s move to another of its variants: cinema. From the film “In Time” we can draw the following conclusion that can easily be extrapolated to any life experience. In a duel, the winning side will always start by showing its shortcomings and end up enhancing its strengths to disarm the opponent. The human being only yields to failure when he feels most divine.

The white shield instills pressure to those destined to defend its shield and respect to those who dare to challenge it. A respect founded on an institutional and sporting maturity that can rarely be matched overnight, not even with all the money in the world.

The Champions League is a tournament that rewards more the management of emotions and the history or experience than the result or the level of play shown.

Luck is sought, it is professed and only those with enough determination are destined to cross its path. Behind the epic hides practice, just as success hides work.

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