Is there still Liga?

We are accustomed to praise silence when only noise is capable of swaying our convictions. We are in need of pause, surviving the hunt for an ultimatum, while only the rush inherent in walking over the wire enables us to show who we truly are.

We live in a world in which only the present seems to matter, even though the past advises us and the future gives us a complex. We are irregular and therefore seasonal beings, and this is reflected in our actions.

Barcelona started the season with a defeatist tendency and such an attitude unfortunately triggered disastrous results. To the surprise of some and the satisfaction of many others, a change in mentality and working methods has resulted in a comeback worthy of an epic. The players are virtually the same but now they have someone to push them to jump, and with confidence the void has never been so appetizing.

Is it enough to catch Real Madrid? Spiritually yes, until the mathematics sentence the opposite. It is a terribly complicated task, but not impossible, so let’s go back to the beginning of the article. Let’s make noise, a lot of noise, until we transform the initial lament into unsustainable euphoria.

Football lives on emotions and does not die by the continuous reinvention of its quality.

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