Chase and create your opportunity

What if for a moment it were in our hands, in everyone’s hands, to become professional football players?

Let’s imagine a society in which there are no innate abilities and we do not know luck. Everyone starting from the same starting point and each one choosing his or her more or less achievable goal. A world immersed in a perfect and profound balance in which effort (and imbalance) are the most sought-after good.

Let’s get back to reality, is such a utopia possible? Adama Traoré has shown us that it is.

Let’s take it one step at a time. Only a fool would deny that any professional athlete enjoys enviable skills and/or abilities. However, Adama is an example of a triumph built on sweat and tears. The player has radically transformed his two tools of the trade: his physique is now a fortress while his mind has become a temple.

Taking his example as a story, I consider it highly difficult and improbable to be able to attract the attention of one of the biggest clubs in the world as a child, but I find it even more unimaginable to personally choose to fly from such a shelter, already as a man.

For years he has exercised with the utmost intensity under the watchful eye of his most sincere enemy, himself. He knew that opportunity doesn’t come if you don’t create it.

Adama has understood that as the years go by, goals are obsolete and only the feeling remains. And Adama instills fear, being able to generate uncertainty to the most reliable of certainties.

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