Where is the limit?

What is the limit or the boundary where we stop seeing the footballer as a superhero and start considering him as an ordinary person?

At the risk of being repetitive, please let’s stop idealizing footballers. Let’s stop praising them for the simple fact of entertaining us and end their label of untouchables. Differential treatment only hurts them so, for their benefit, let’s stop kneeling at their feet.

Footballers do not save lives, if anything they absorb them. Most are individuals of limited intelligence who fortunately have the gift of kicking a ball. Nothing more. In return they get a life full of facilities and opportunities that most of the rest of the human race will never achieve. They represent a stab in the back of meritocracy and exemplify that in this society the innate still prevails over the effort of the acquired.

This past weekend we knew the news of the possible assault of Mason Greenwood (Manchester United) on his then partner. Leaving aside the issue of the presumption of innocence, given that the player seems to be the perpetrator of such atrocities, how should the authorities act? How should his current club proceed?

His professional recognition should in no way obscure or diminish the fulfillment of his obligations. The player should be brought to justice and deservedly punished, without excuses. His sudden farewell to soccer will never become a see you soon.

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