Seville: War and theater

Why do we like football?

1. Because of its healthy, yet fierce competition, never resulting in battle.

2. For its implausible actions and dramatic denouements, never praising theatrics.

Football is interesting enough without having to invade other arts.

Last weekend we witnessed a certainly reprehensible act that took place in one of the most passionate derbies of this sporting planet. Seville masterfully hosts the home of two of the most attractive teams on the Spanish scene, and even gives its name to one of them. However, neither team lives up to the city’s reputation.

Football is first and foremost about respect, and manners will always prevail over results. I point to the fans, but also to the players themselves as the main culprits. Guilty of belittling their game so much that they only glimpse the possibility of standing out by having a leading role outside of it.

It doesn’t matter who lit the fire. Nor who fanned it. This time one started it, next time the other will probably finish it.

For the sake of the show the only thing that should be lit are the spotlights, not the tempers.

For the sake of the show the only fight should be over the ball, not between fans.

For the sake of the show the only highlights of the match should be goals and amazing plays, not extra-sporting incidents.

Because football should be admired in the present but exemplary for the future.

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