The thin line

Competing, the thin line that separates courage from fear. The important thing has never been to win but to show your face and become the reflection of a good example / a good example in which to be reflected.

The Spanish Super Cup that, sadly and without any sense beyond the economic one, began to be played yesterday in Saudi Arabia is leaving many headlines as well as a commendable level of play.

Nobody in their right mind would have bet that Barcelona could face Real Madrid. Possibly the most unbalanced Clasico of recent seasons, given the absences and the disparity in the physical tone of the players of both teams, who have a special and essential role to play in these matches. However, both soccer and its fans, do not understand the wisdom of the game, resulting in a sport as unpredictable as it is unfading.

Barcelona showed pride and, although wounded, proved to have a lot of life. Yesterday they lost the game, but they were far from defeated. On the contrary, they defeated their most difficult rival, time and the wear and tear it entails.

Last night we glimpsed more lights than shadows even though, in my humble opinion, the physical display that Nico brings would have allowed the team to shine from the start. In the same way, I think that both the choice of the system and the players involved in offensive tasks exposed the defensive side, exemplifying an obvious fact: the virtue is in the attack while the success lies in the defense.

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