Alternatives turn out to be the best option

Neither cyborgs nor superheroes. Football should tell the story of ordinary people who, after years of hard work, are able to build their own armor and become indestructible on the pitch. We fans do not like things to come out the first time. On the contrary, what comes easy, goes easy. So, the more complicated it is to achieve a goal, the more rewarding and long-lasting its success will be.

We are sick and tired of hearing about Haaland. Do not get me wrong, I think he is an amazing player with an unparalleled physical prowess and hunger. But in the end, he is just that, a player, one of the eleven players who take the field or one of the twenty-five who make up a squad. In no case should any team mortgage its future to host the Norwegian’s present.

There are players of proven effectiveness on the market who could fill his role (and above all his goal) wonderfully.

The first, Alexander Isak. Simple and on a plate. The Swede, beyond his eye for goal, is brimming with personality and touch with the ball. After his time at Dortmund, in San Sebastian he has managed to tame his character while refining his game, becoming one of the most desirable realities of the European scene.

The second, more battle-hardened player is Sebastien Haller. The Ivorian-born Frenchman, after wandering around Europe for several seasons, seems to have found his home in Amsterdam. A physical prodigy who, together with an optimum level of personal and professional maturity because of experience, has managed to turn all the questions he has faced into truth.

Sometimes opting for an alternative turns out to be the best option.

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