Player nº 12

Obsessed with money. But in this case, not to enrich his pockets but to improve and support the players who appear week after week on the green. His relationship with the team borders on idyll and his commitment escapes both doubt and reason.

He refuses controversy at all times. He knows perfectly well when to raise his voice and at the same time he recognizes when nothing improves the silence. He encourages when winter comes to the stadium while, in times of distress, he is a breath of fresh air. Despite being present on both sides, in attack and defense, being the center of attention has never kept him awake at night.

He manages to finish off all those crosses that just missed their destination by millimeters. He manages to save those balls that only a madman would not give for lost. He is even capable of becoming a target to catch all the shots that by skill or chance reach beyond the goalkeeper’s gloves.

Result-oriented and demanding, he embraces the good play of his team as if it were a commandment and devoutly professes the feats and conquests of his creed, even if he sometimes entrusts himself to a divine power.

Player number 12 is you. The one who remains unperturbed in his seat on a cold night of European football. The one who crosses oceans and interposes his delirium to his economic interests. The one who cheers and applauds without worrying about his physical integrity. He who gives a standing ovation after a hard day’s work. He who does not seek meaning but finds destiny.

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