Forgotten Legends

How quickly and often you fall into the pit of oblivion when you sow far from what for years was your home. Sergio Ramos, a true Real Madrid legend and arguably the best center-back to ever wear the Spanish jersey, is cruelly witnessing this.

Age and education aside, the Camero’s behavior has always been impeccable. Likewise, his leadership and group management skills are worthy of admiration, given that he has always put collective achievements above his own individual ones. He has managed to turn his body into a real machine and over time, the gears seem to start to fail.

Is this reason enough to think about the possible termination of his contract? Beyond the hefty compensation that the Parisian side would face, French law does not include any kind of termination clause and therefore no dismissal clause either, and contracts are built upon this. It is ridiculous then to pretend to dirty with noise the music that has accompanied the long career of this footballer.

Whether he has more or less minutes on the pitch, what team would not want to count on Sergio’s character and experience to defend its fortress? Or even to encourage young soldiers to become true warriors?

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