The extinct art of closing a game

After the irruption of new and multiple competing options to football within the entertainment industry, I consider it attractive to bring up an unusual fact to date in the history of our beloved sport: the extinction of close scores and subsequent celebrations.

Despite being somewhat related, a closed match is not the same as watching a match being closed. In fact, the absence of the latter makes it possible to achieve the former. What is the reason for this football that does not make a difference?

We are faced with a form of play that has suffered a great loss in terms of tactical rigor but that has been strengthened physically, so that unnecessary efforts abound and there is a shortage of trickery and strategy. Any team, taking the example of Sheriff FC Moldova’s journey through Europe, can put you in trouble.

Fatigue is the main trigger of imbalance and the biggest enemy of proper decision-making. If you allow the participation of a greater number of players per match, as represented in the modification of the rules from 3 to 5 substitutions, you minimize the physical gaps and the conceptual disorder.

Finally, as we see in today’s society, we are confronted with the rise of the working class while we witness with astonishment the disappearance of classy workers. We adorn and even praise in excess and senselessly certain characters that we do not allow them to reach fulfillment.

How sad to witness how football, which we once considered excellent, turns into mediocrity!

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