France is not Paris

Think about France for a moment. Beyond its appetizing gastronomy, I am sure that in your head only flashes of the city of love, Paris, appear.

Big mistake, the capital already has all your attention and hides the secrets of thousands of places that will have to wait for another occasion to be discovered and admired. How sad to generalize and unearth hundreds of clichés, no matter how much you believe it, France is not and will not be Paris.

Absurd, yet overwhelmingly true, a sunny day does not represent summer and despite the menacing Parisian figures, the rest of French football walks on an infinite wire.

I invite you to sail, in this case, along the banks of the Loire until you reach the city of Saint Etienne. Home to one of the most successful clubs in French football, it is currently struggling to survive under the long shadow of the team that has been extolled by the petrodollars, even though it is looking forward to a more peaceful future.

A member of the Cambodian royalty, enchanted by the charms of this locality, has set out to raise his team and provide it with the necessary resources to restore its leadership in France and export it to the rest of the world. Dishearteningly, his interests are not commercial but passionate, key to achieving and perpetrating the formula for success.

All to the green!

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