Kits or kids business?

Uncatalogable colors and inexcusable designs more typical of the circus industry make a dent in one of the most supported practices in the history of this sport: the acquisition of your team’s kit at the beginning of the season.

Designs that, far from being labeled as creative, are a reason to restrict the use of the imagination. Such atrocities, linked to prices that are exorbitant to say the least, become one of the main sources of income for clubs today, second only to the sale of audiovisual rights and the transfer of players.

Soccer has always represented a sport of the masses, inclusive to all intents and purposes, which recently seems to be turning its back on the society around it. Given the rising costs of basic necessities, the stagnation of salaries and generally the emergency situation we’ve been in for years, what need is there for clubs to save their own lives at all costs if they condemn the lives of others? This sport has less and less star characters and more and more stellated protagonists.

All those colors to which we once associated certain values (the majesty of the United red, the sobriety of the white that shields Real Madrid or the tradition linked to the azulgrana) now only fade golden blood, apparently the only unfading but corrosive color.

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