How to currently fit in a team?

One of the premises that I have always defended is that football, despite raising passions, is a business like any other and as such, should not be subject to emotions and/or personal predilections. If there is one thing, I want to make extremely clear is that to be a good professional you do not have to decide that you work for the club of your life, but that you are obliged to give your all to repay the trust placed in you. Even if you are the best, not everyone will like you.

I give as an example the contrasting cases of two players who have defended the colors of one of the best clubs in the world, Real Madrid. The first of them, Alvaro Morata. He has joined the ranks of extraordinary clubs and in all of them he has claimed that it was a dream come true, despite the fact that the only thing he has achieved so far has been to despair and put the fans to sleep. On the contrary, Luka Modric, a Culé fan since his childhood, has been able to separate sentiment and work, becoming a legend of the white team (even being awarded a golden ball for his exquisite play).

I want to emphasize honesty, and the adoption of a low or modest profile whenever possible. No matter how many followers you have on social networks or how many covers you make day after day, you are the new guy. The first image you give will remain intact in the eyes of your peers.

Linked to the first point I slip the following: predisposition from minute zero. Regardless of your origin, age, or your position on the salary scale, the easiest way to fit in is to show ambition. Your colleagues will approach (or move away from) you because of the energy you transmit and not because you have an enviable life beyond the green.

Finally, I would like to underpin the fact of being open-minded. Soccer is a collective sport, so despite the intrinsic competitiveness at the highest level, an atmosphere of collaboration prevails in order to achieve the maximum of group achievements. It is only with the success of the group that an individual excels.

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