Covering newspaper headlines or needs?

Covering newspaper headlines or covering needs? One of the most extravagant transfer windows in history is in its final throes and that’s the only question on my mind.

After a considerable reduction in revenues due to the global pandemic we find ourselves immersed in, it seems appropriate to underline that attracting talent is never free, even if the economic value of the operation equals zero. We wander in a world that is totally driven by interests, and what better profit than the economic one.

We never tire of extolling the squads of PSG or Manchester United after the recent signing of Cristiano Ronaldo at a bargain price. However, all these offers in relation to their market value ultimately represent a bleeding business thanks to the leeches that surround them.

For that very reason, I would like to highlight the commendable work of Sevilla during this summer period, which ultimately places them as a candidate for the throne both in Spain and in Europe (in my humble opinion).

The zero-cost acquisitions of Dmitrovic, Montiel and Lamela represent a leap in quality for the Nervión squad and the transfers of Delaney and Mir reflect an extraordinary improvement in the team’s capabilities and possibilities.

I am eager to see how the integration of these players will affect the team’s level of play and consequently how the alternatives for good play in La Liga will be expanded.

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