Ciao Chievo

It sounds utopian, but how many times has something had to disappear before we appreciate its existence? We live in a fast-paced world, which we only pause when it painfully comes to an end. Seize the ephemerality of moments before they become memories.

Verona. Land of heated and impossible romances is once again witnessing an unsustainable relationship. A connection that has lasted no more and no less than 92 years and that has glimpsed vivid lights despite sobbing such a gloomy outcome.

An unbearable drowning due to debts has caused the collapse of one of the most historic teams of Italian calcio, Chievo Verona, and consequently its disappearance.

After declaring bankruptcy, its captain Sergio Pellissier, showing his devotion to the club, tried to obtain ownership of the club in a suicidal attempt to cling to life. The scarcity of financial support made the feat impossible and banished the club to nothingness.

Not everything in soccer is rosy and for many teams from humble origins, the astonishing transfer windows are far away. Sometimes it is extraordinarily arduous to resist on the battlefield, comparable to an endless trek through the desert.

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