Dear Leo

I am sorry for the delay of this article. Your sudden departure and your recent press conference have generated in me many doubts, the answers to which fly over my head without any projection of landing. However, it would seem inappropriate not to thank you for the countless joys you have brought to Barcelona.

Destined to meet you, the city chose you and came looking for you. After making it your home, your absence will be an irreplaceable void. Barcelona put you on the map, but you were always the treasure. Your legacy, beyond the unimaginable statistics, has catapulted the club to be an emblem around the world and thus exemplify the motto it boasts so much about.

You have gifted us with the gift of stability, one of the most precious commodities in a sport that comes and goes. You have lifted us out of our seats while leaving your rivals seated. You have given us nights of magic, after which we, spellbound, have not been able to discover the trick. Here you have become belief and we have become your most faithful followers. The simplicity of watching you run with the ball glued to your foot has been the purest act of faith I have ever witnessed.

The eternal smile gave you the number 10, bewitched by your illusionism and now your departure does not glimpse the outcome of an infinite sadness.

What a pleasure to see you play and how nice to see you do it defending those colors for 21 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, always master of your destiny and fortune, inexhaustible luck for those who will see you play from now on.

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