Talent is inexhaustible but success is scarce

It surprises me as much as it frightens me how, immersed in an economy of survival and even going through one of the most critical situations in the history of our sport, several of its protagonists seek to deepen the wound instead of covering it.

For any ordinary child, playing football is simply a dream, and in most cases this utopia remains intact over the years. For a few dreamers, that fortune becomes a reality and ends up becoming their present.

How can we maintain this illusion and prevent it from turning into arrogance or ingratitude?

I am absolutely against the astronomical figures that surround and sully the healthy sport, in spite of the fact that a number of inept pundits defend that the amounts generated by some individuals are even higher. For this reason, I do not understand that in the categories prior to professional sport, the culture of money and not that of effort is being promoted.

Young people with an unmistakable projection in their feet but a questionable predisposition in their heads, believe they are taking over the world when it has not even welcomed them. I can’t conceive of receiving without first giving something in return and they are still far from providing value. Football has given them everything, it even provides them the opportunity to carve out a more than comfortable future when if it were not for sport, most of them would not be able to do anything profitable. On the other hand, they do nothing but demand, even though they are unaware, perhaps due to their lack of experience, that the hand that feeds them today will probably feed others tomorrow. Talent is inexhaustible but success is scarce.

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