Deceiving absences at the Olympics

Is it possible to make an illusion into something mundane?

A child’s dream turned into an adult’s ordeal. That is the appearance with which the Tokyo Olympics will open tomorrow, although it does not necessarily equate with reality.

A tournament of such impact, notoriety and history is idyllic for any athlete. However, like any great success, it has its detractors and, in this case, FIFA stands out as the main one.

The world’s leading soccer organization, whose purpose should be to advocate for the interests of the beautiful game, never had in mind the possibility of collaborating and bringing positions closer to the IOC. Likewise, when it had enough power, it considered the Olympic Games a threat to its dominant position and vetoed them. Consequently, from the Games held in Barcelona 92 onwards, the national teams would be made up of U-23 squads with the inclusion of up to 3 seniors.

It is hurtful that there is no respect for tradition (soccer was present at the London Games in 1908, while the first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930) since even the first matches are played prior to the opening ceremony of the tournament.

A competition designed to pit the best athletes from each country against each other has ended up becoming a circus that anyone can enter. One more sign that soccer is tainted. The ball may remain in the feet but in the head, there is only money.

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