ABBA is back

The title of the following article foreshadowed a harmony that this one will lack, since it will instead deal with a hot topic that has been generating a lot of noise, not music, lately.

ABBA refers to a new proposal for the penalty shootout rule, whose sole purpose is to equalize and not to decant the chances of both participating teams after 120 minutes of equality.

As I have defined on previous occasions, no matter how much the experts insist on deciphering soccer through statistics, it is governed by emotions. However, at a time of such an emotional peak, there is clear evidence that certain decisions prior to the start of the penalty shootout can tilt the outcome of the shootout.

If you love numbers and rationality, you are lucky if your team shoots first, as you have a better chance of winning. It is simple, whoever shoots first does not feel the pressure of the second to reciprocate, so they simply have the task of shooting unopposed and from a relatively close distance. Let’s not fool ourselves, regardless of the magnitude of the scenario, it is easier to score than not to score.

The ABBA method basically proposes the alternation of that psychological advantage during the turns to shoot for the sake of parity, similar to what happens in tie breaks in tennis. Football fans do not want what has not been decided in a two-hour match to be decided by a coin flip.

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