Still making history

Let’s be honest. Last night’s final between two of the most exalted teams on the world scene today bore more similarities to the parallel fight in Las Vegas between McGregor and Poirier than to the match that both contenders seemed destined to give us.

The two squads proved right all those who argue that finals are matches to win, not to enjoy. In the face of so much dread between the teams, not respect, only a mistake could tip the balance. And so, one of the few actions to frame of the match was the goal that would certify the glory later on.

Unprecedented, although eloquent, the Albiceleste was able to defeat the host team’s individuals by showing a choral game and leaving aside all the egos that deprived them of success on previous occasions.

The game did not stand out, but the celebration, focused on the figure of the 10 and the achievement of his first title for the country that has praised him so much and at the same time has repudiated him, did stand out.

Thus, Lio caressed his long-awaited cup defending the albiceleste jersey, gutting his detractors one more reason for not being considered the best. Of history or only of his era, it is not up to me to give such a qualification, but it will be time that will decide with its advancement.

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