Ramenez la coupe à la maison (la prochaine fois)

A day of contrasts with a harsh reality check at nightfall, reminding us that, although success may sometimes seem permanent, it is always fleeting. Yesterday morning a hit song was playing on the radio that evoked the great achievements of the French national team and pushed them to pursue the next ones. Last night, however, all the conversations delved into the resounding failure of one of the most exalted teams in living memory.

The quality of the French team is indisputable, but their sloppiness is easily reproachable. They thought they were invincible and ended up being invisible.

Given the surprises of the previous matches, the premises for Didier Deschamps were clear:

– Any team, however unbeatable it may seem, can have a bad day.

– Any team, no matter how inferior, can send you home early.

Even so, France surprised with their initial approach of 3 central defenders and their consequent low pressure on the opposing team. Swiss courage overcame the French talent, who only thanks to three bursts were able to reverse the embarrassing outcome at the final whistle. Once again, Switzerland’s belief overcame France’s power, and an agonizing penalty shootout meant the early elimination of the favorites.

In the end, one of those players destined to mark an era missed an instant, proving that to touch the sky you must always live on the ground.

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