Apathy, football’s enemy

We are incapable of being alone. By nature. We look for a thousand excuses to feel part of a group and give some meaning to our existence.

On countless occasions we achieve this feeling of affiliation thanks to our hobbies, although we also owe it to the place we come from. How many times have we traveled abroad and joined people from our own country to feel at home for a moment?

The European Championship, despite being at the beginning, has offered us snapshots of all colors. Suffering, passion, twinning or, on the contrary, apathy.

I would like to dwell on this lack of enthusiasm. Beyond the results, this tournament should be synonymous with celebration, given the attendance of the public at the matches and the time of year in which it takes place, when the players fight for their skin and the fans their voices.

However, one of the organizing countries seems not to have understood the rules of the game. Spain, which for years was a daydreamer, has now been left to sleep in ostracism.

We are talking about a country where criticizing has become a national sport. Where meritocracy is totally outdated, and the theoretically best representatives are left as supporting actors when the show begins. A country so rootless that even its anthem lacks lyrics.

It is necessary to recover the momentum in the stands and in homes, defeats will always be bitter, but victories are sweeter when you feel part of it.

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