The power of little things

We are tireless, inexhaustible, and therefore unhappy. We are only able to appreciate a good game when it reaches its last breaths. The same happens with life. To satiate that unhappiness, as opposed to palliate it, we seek to reflect ourselves in characters who can contribute little or nothing to us simply because they lead an apparently enviable lifestyle or possess a perishable long-term object.

In the end, we opt for the pursuit of partial joy rather than the attainment of complete happiness.

There are moments in life that allow us to turn this potentially defeatist mentality upside down: the loss of someone close to us, a breakup or the end of a work phase are several examples.

The incident that occurred last Saturday in the Denmark-Finland clash, beyond exemplifying Christian Eriksen’s combative nature, highlights the true power of such moments and who is up to the task.

Simon Kjaer, may not be the most effective or quickest center back, but thanks to what happened on Saturday, leadership can be associated with his image. His ability to react and his strength in moments of weakness postponed a tragic end, giving his teammates and fans the most important victory. The Danish captain was able to redirect the course of his teammate’s life when it seemed destined to fade away, exemplifying that on countless occasions to be remembered as a footballer it is necessary to forget about the ball.

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