The Euro 2021 is here

A new day is leaving and with it the agony of football fans who breathe a sigh of relief with the start of a new competition. It is not just any tournament since, beyond its international caliber, it will be the first to be played entirely with fans in the stands, an irreplaceable element for soccer that seems to be back at last.

After this introduction with an air of emotionality, let’s leave sentimentality aside. Over the next month, an infinite number of matches will take place on an almost daily basis. Exciting, isn’t it? It is even more exciting to imagine the outcome, when on July 11 at Wembley one country will stand out from its counterparts on the continent.

So let’s take a look back to that day to see which team is worthy of such a feat. First of all, I would like to clarify one point: football is not mathematics, as much as some pundits would make us believe, luck plays a fundamental role in this match, so absolutely every team can have a bad day.

However, prior to the start of the competition, three nations stand out as the main favorites.

The first of these, France, the team to beat for all nations, stands out for its versatility and high effectiveness in all areas of its style of play.

The second, Germany, under the leadership of Joachim Low, is a team that is faithful to the reliability that characterizes the Teutonic country. In addition, Gary Lineker’s famous phrase should always be kept in mind: soccer is a simple game, they play 11 against 11 and Germany always wins.

Finally, England. After years of boredom, the English team that gave life to this sport seems to be reborn with a squad that is as eager as it is talented.

Alongside these 3 nations of enviable quality, I would like to single out the Clockwork Orange as my long shot. A cast of players with innate talent and sufficient maturity to cause a surprise.

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