Back to Basics

A totally atypical transfer window is approaching, marked by commercial relations that bear an enormous parallel to distant times when barter was the main exchange currency. Gone are those markets in which desire, lust for power and spending went hand in hand. Sad or not, perhaps necessary, any speculation about a bombastic signing will turn out to be a mere utopia.

 In contrast to such a chimera, the clubs will try to strengthen themselves from the grassroots level in order to tap the very roots of the talent for which they yearn and which is so scarce in their academies.

Therefore, signings such as Fabio Blanco for Eintracht Frankfurt or renewals such as Nico Gonzalez at FC Barcelona or Koba Koindredi at Valencia are essential. Also of interest are the possible return of Kays Ruiz to FC Barcelona and the effective return of Juan Miranda to Betis.

All these moves have a number of benefits beyond their cost in terms of acquisition, but not in terms of training.

Firstly, clubs are looking for profiles that are capable of becoming loyal supporters of a philosophy rather than slaves to a contract. Only when a player’s heart feels the colors, he/she will be able to give his all for them. Linked to this first point is the following: the adaptation to a style of play is closely related to the conviction of its success and the attachment to each and every one of the values that each particular club represents.

A player’s legs will only respond in a particular way when his/her head is molded to it, and like Rome, building this set of reactions is not a one-day thing.

This market does not represent a threat but, on the contrary, an opportunity. Returning to football for fun, out of devotion to a shield and to all the people who day after day strive to raise it to the highest level seems to be the only option.

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