The sky is blue

As if it were a fight, it has always been easier to criticize the loser than to surrender to the winner. The human being, insecure by nature and envious, is reluctant to praise the victories of others.

Last night the emotion and the desire for the sky played a dirty trick on the sky-blue team. Passion was devoured by reason.

Both English teams, accustomed to a more aggressive football, pursued blood from the first minute. While one team sought the agony of the rival with a surprising approach, the other sought their downfall in a lethal way starting with a rocky team that had in its defensive pivot its most powerful weapon.

A battle of such caliber always requires heroes, so here are some names.

First of all, Werner’s lack of effectiveness, something usual for English league followers, was largely covered by the clear-sightedness of Mount and Havertz.

On the other hand, full-backs Chilwell and James, played a key role in nullifying Manchester’s playmakers (De Bruyne, Gundogan, Foden, Mahrez) while offering offensive support when it was fair and necessary.

Kanté’s honesty and generosity, both on and off the pitch, made his teammates better. That in a team sport translates into a match point.

City’s daring and their final siege until their last breath of life should never be penalized. Rome was not built in two days and such a fall will serve the young Manchester side to be reborn stronger.

Going out in the open, giving your all, sometimes causes a single shot to go straight to the heart.

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