Most Wanted: Luis Campos

How easy it is to jump on the winning bandwagon and how risky it is to bet on it at the slightest squeak of the wheels, right? One of the many beauties that soccer hides lies in the historical struggle between David and Goliath, or what is the same, how the inferior team is armed with courage to defeat the most galactic team. However, another of the charms of our sport lies in the plasticity of its actions and the demonstration of power.

Take Ligue 1, for example, a competition that I consider highly entertaining. On the one hand, we all long for the emergence of a team capable of challenging the hegemony established by Paris Saint-Germain. On the other hand, thanks to the capital team and its myriad of stars, it is more attractive to spectators beyond the French borders.

Let’s stay in France to talk about the exploits of a team that has managed to deal with the Parc des Princes team and has succeeded in enchanting thousands of football fans.

However, this time I propose to approach such a victory through a different point of view, beyond the style of play or specific players.

The architect of the new champion of the French domestic competition is Luis Campos. No, he is not their coach, but their former sporting director. Of Portuguese origin, he is currently one of the most desired characters in France (with apologies to fashion icons). Among his best works, it is possible to recognize the acquisition of Jonathan David for Lille or the recruitment of Bernardo Silva, Fabinho or Lemar in his previous stage at Monaco, where he also enjoyed enormous responsibility by participating in the signing of the first professional contract of Kylian Mbappé.

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