Aupa Atleti!

Last night Neptuno was dressed in red and white, thus announcing the conclusion of a season as competitive as unusual and therefore half of Madrid came out to celebrate the atlético triumph.

Simeone’s pupils were victorious after a season in which Real Madrid and Barcelona seemed to hand them the crown even before they started.

Nothing could have been further from the truth, despite the convulsive start of the two big teams, both squads managed to recover and compete until the end of the championship. However, the high age of their squads and the shortage of players has meant that they have been left in the doldrums. The metropolitan team has had a brilliantly balanced squad and a positional variety enviable in modern soccer. Likewise, the differential element that has given them the championship has been the gunpowder they have counted on and which their rivals have lacked.

Champions of the regularity tournament, it does not necessarily extol them as the best team of the championship but as the most constant and the one that has competed more seriously. El Cholo has once again been able to caress the sky of the capital thanks to his grit and the ambition that he has managed to transmit to his soldiers.

Aupa Atleti!

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