Renew or die

Renew or die. Under this avant-garde premise, clubs face the return to the longed-for but distant normality. A whole season in silence seems like an eternity when it comes to an extremely passionate sport. Just as rivers are made to carry water, stadiums have the mission of welcoming and being home to all those who feel the colours and values with honesty.

Football, despite being seriously wounded, will recover sooner or later and will have a second chance to learn from the mistakes made in the past that could have cost it dearly.

One of the initiatives that has surprised me the most, due to the magnitude of who is leading it (Bayern Munich) and its impact on modern soccer, is the replacement of physical match tickets with digital ones. The German giant seems to embrace digitalization with all its might and aims to facilitate the management of its tickets, thus giving a nod to its younger and environmentally conscious fans.

Football, while continually reinventing itself, must return to its origins, where pure and unadulterated, it was a mirror for society.

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