How to win the final assault and still lose the battle

Last weekend took place in Milan, the fashion capital par excellence, one of its biggest parades. And I am not talking about clothes. One of the teams defending the city’s name, entrenched in the Giuseppe Meazza, was crowned Serie A champion.

The Italian squad has recently invested around 700 million to arm its battalion and take on the army of the Vecchia Signora, winners for the past nine seasons.

However, such an uprising in the Italian calcio has not been replicated at the European level, where the Nerazzurri have been knocked to their knees in the group stage. Such a performance, coupled with the club’s incredible debt (close to €1,000M) and the lack of income due to COVID-19, has led to the urgent need for immediate liquidity. The Lombardy club will do everything possible, from attracting new investors to selling its most valuable assets, in order to avoid being shipwrecked in its conquest at continental level.

Thus, a future project led by Antonio Conte and supported by several stars of the football scene such as Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez or Arturo Vidal could see their aspirations to enlarge their legend in Europe take a step backwards.

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