Kevin de Bruyne, a strategist also outside the field

Agents. Representatives. Intermediaries. Several names define a profession that is as admired as it is gloomy. A priori, their objective is clear and lies in looking after the interests of those they represent. However, on countless occasions, these figures that over the last few seasons have acquired a totally undeserved power prioritize their own interests.

The protagonist of today’s post is the Belgian Kevin de Bruyne, not precisely for his prowess on the field but for his agility off it. A few weeks ago he signed his well-deserved renewal with Manchester City, so far nothing new. The news break when it is discovered that it was the player himself who was in charge of the negotiations.

Backed by a number of analysts, Kevin was able to show his weight in the current blue squad as its most outstanding player in a totally objective way, based on data and statistics.

Far from discrediting him, the Belgian’s performance elevated him to become one of the highest paid players in the Premier League, despite dispensing with the bodyguards of modern football.

This negotiation, beyond the positive result for both parties, puts in check a whole incipient profession in which professionalism shamelessly shines by its absence.

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