Qatar vs Abu Dhabi

What do oil and football have in common? On the surface, they are unrelated. However, two teams artificially built by the money obtained thanks to the raw material face each other today in search of a place in the final of the Champions League.

The match will pit capital from Qatar against capital from Abu Dhabi. In other words, the explosion football will go head to head with emotion football.

The European aspirations of both sides have been in short supply recently, despite having performed at a high level in their respective countries in recent years. Still, it seems that with the near collapse of European football, both PSG and Manchester City have been able to climb the castle before it collapses.

With their tactical and technical prowess and lacking any fear at this stage of the season, the two teams will be looking to take the ball to their own territory and fight to make their stadiums into veritable fortresses.

The Parisians, with Neymar and Mbappé at the helm, will chase the chaos and the beauty that can come from it. Always with Di Maria’s skill as a squire, they will turn speed into their best weapon.

On the other hand, the English, under the command of the charismatic Pep Guardiola, will seek to take control of the match through their touch football. Guarded by Rodri, a quintet of highly incisive and constantly on the move players will try to make a dent in France’s stubborn defense.

Money may not bring happiness, but it is close to handing the reign of European football to one of these two teams (without disregarding the other play-off), an achievement that, in my humble opinion, is priceless.

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