The quietest roar of the lion

83%. Quite simply, this scandalous figure of possession by the azulgrana in the first half foreshadowed the subsequent red and white hemorrhage, only sutured after four goals.

Last night Sevilla shone thanks to Barcelona. A team in reconstruction that was faithful to the recognizable style of play that made them famous during the last decade. A starting eleven full of small and medium-sized players who never shy away from the ball, showed that to have a presence on the pitch it is not necessary to have a great physique.

The duel had a clear winner, who, unlike what has happened during the course of the season, did not hesitate for a second. Eleven individuals who in the end managed to show themselves as a cohesive group, which was incisive on the sides and in constant movement in the central area of the pitch. Likewise, the return of Gerard Piqué gave the team a sense of sobriety and transformed the defensive intermittency of this season into solvency.

I would like to highlight several figures beyond those of the future Barcelona president and Leo Messi. On the one hand, Unai Simón, a savior for his team, prevented the score from being higher.

On the other hand, Antoine Griezmann and Frenkie De Jong. The former, constantly questioned, dressed up as the Little Prince to finally make doubts his best working suit. The latter, a compass, a delight to watch him play. Both undetectable and immeasurable.

Leaving aside the achievement of the title, extraordinary news in a turbulent season to say the least. Last night I enjoyed again with my team and the master class it gave, opening my eyes and pushing me to see that this is just a game and its only purpose is to entertain millions of people.

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