The Cup belongs to La Real

Last night took place the longest final in history and also one of the most anticipated as it faced two historic squads with a transcendent geographical rivalry.

A more exciting encounter in the soul section than in the sports section, in which football was not the protagonist, but a mere spectator.

An atypical final, like all the ones that have happened during the past twelve months, in which the game played was to replace the spectacle that once foreshadowed the presence of fans in the stadiums.

However, the innate rivalry between the two groups triggered an unprecedented respect, visible from the previous statements of the presidents to the displays made by the two technicians.

Both groups displayed lineups full of young people raised in their football academies, without qualifications but full of enthusiasm to defend the colours that have dyed their hearts since they were born.

As for the result, the team that showed the most personality in its game and exerted the highest and most effective pressure came out. I was particularly amazed by Isak’s versatility, Merino’s clairvoyance and Silva’s second youth, who, far from looking for a gold retreat in San Sebastián, wanted to give the Txuri-Urdin his final trick.

The game, in the end, is won not only by those who score more goals but also by those who make fewer mistakes. Football, though imperfect, always ends up rewarding perseverance and effort.

Congratulations to Real Sociedad!

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