Joaquín Caparrós: new and modern Armenian divinity

Armenia, one of the first Christian civilizations and characterized by its places of religious worship, seems to be entrusted to the ever-loving Joaquín Caparrós. If the national team’s performance continues to rise so prodigiously, the Utrean will most likely become one of the next divine figures of the Caucasian country.

The Spaniard has managed to convey his passion for this sport and his unstoppable desire to transform into possible unthinkable events to a group of players accustomed and willing to fight for a just cause.

It is not easy to transmit that voracity to a group that you do not train regularly and that at the same time lacks international experience, not professionalism. Even so, he has filled in the lack of technique with cohesion and team spirit and has infused an enormous but necessary dose of tactics, as if it was a hurricane.

So far, the Armenian team has never qualified for a final stage of the Euro or World Cup, but everything is possible under the command of Mr. Effect, that is how the federation christened its coach.

Joaquin is on his way to taking a small step in his commendable career that will be a huge step for Armenia. This football sick man seems to have finally found a cure for this country’s lack of sporting achievements.

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