The curious case of the modern Benjamin Button

Fan of its culture, its people and its splendid geography today I bring you a story that happened in the peculiar league of India. A competition that over the last few decades has become a home for players from developed countries with an insufficient level to achieve success in their original place and a graveyard for professional footballers.

 Beyond the little interest that this competition arouses in the western world, today’s story is at least curious and worthy of a few lines.

This is Gourav Mukhi, and in 2018 he achieved a notorious milestone irrespective of the league it takes place in. In October of the same year, he became the youngest goalscorer in domestic competition at the age of 16. So far so good, my sincere congratulations.

However, any coherent person, after looking at the image, would be able to assure, or at least suspect, that Gourav was not only sixteen years old at the time. Indeed, two months later it was discovered that the player had lied about his age, a practice that is completely common in India, and was blatantly older.

The player was only suspended for six months and is currently playing as a striker for a second division side in the country.

Despite the fact that this irreverent and illogical event took place in an inconsequential country, FIFA should take matters into its own hands. Such an action, having seen its grace fade, only calls into question the seriousness of a sport housed in the long shadow of cricket.

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