Eden, where is your garden?

No matter what team you support, there are some clubs that are associated with greatness and success in the sport, both historically and consistently. One of them is Real Madrid.

Let’s move then to the Spanish capital, where there is some concern over the latest of their galactic acquisitions.

With his signing, the club intended to turn into reality all those promises that take place at the beginning of the season. By then the level exhibited by the player was worthy of cohabitation in the Garden of Eden.

However, like a climb, Hazard thought he had reached the top in the summer of 2019 when he stole the spotlight at the Santiago Bernabeu. Since then he has been rappelling down the walls of the white club.

Let’s try to discern the reasons that prevent the Belgian show the level expected or desired by all white fans.

It is clear that even though it is the same sport, football differs according to the territory in which it is played. La Liga, which is characterised by a less physical, touch-based style of play than the English Premier League, was the ideal competition for Hazard to achieve stardom. However, it is possible that he has not been able to adapt properly to the working methods at Real Madrid.

Likewise, Spain’s own comfortable lifestyle is likely to tend towards relaxation, as opposed to the cold and strict English lifestyle. Aspects such as rest or nutrition can have an impact on the poor performance of the player.

Beyond the physical aspect, which is certainly important as far as footballers are concerned, it is necessary to evaluate the mental aspect. What motivations arouse interest in Eden? Once you join the squad of the most successful club in history, the chances of winning are matched and even surpassed by the desire to win. In short, the chance of a lifetime to turn all the paved road so far into gold should be enough. Even so, Hazard seems to be content with touching the sky and is not looking to take the step that would allow him to taste the clouds.

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