Is Football losing its interest?

Dear football fans, on several occasions we have made it clear that football, leaving aside fanaticism, is a business like any other. As such, today I would like to start the post by asking you, does football have a target audience? And if it does, how would you define it?

In my humble opinion, it does not. If we were looking to portray the most common fan of this sport we would not be able to decide on one face or another. This is probably one of its greatness, capable of unleashing passions in both an elderly man with a certain social class and in a child at risk of social exclusion.

I would like to focus on this last age group, beyond their social status. The other day I had the opportunity to read that football is losing interest among the youngest in our society. Do you think so?

While it is true that we have a wide range of entertainment options, football can never be considered a fad and will always hold a preferential place in the choices of the younger generation.

Although more permissive than in the past, it has successfully managed to distance itself from other sports to position itself within the range of the most desirable options. It has been able to deal with the irruption of new technologies and has managed to capture the interests of young people, turning its well-known product into an experience that goes beyond the ninety minutes.

Football’s appeal lies in the unpredictability of its results and allows its most diehard fans to escape reality while remaining in it.

Football, as passionate as it is, is a complement of life for its fans. In no case is it intended to become a substitute for life. Regardless of the result and the joys or sorrows associated with it, the players always win.

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