Ganas de volver a veros

Living, or sometimes surviving, on the basis of past successes has never been an option. However, desperate situations require equally radical measures and sometimes it is irremediable to evoke prescribed glories to revive a lifeless body.

“Estimem al Barça” together with the pre-election message “Ganas de volver a veros” pursues the rebuilding of the club from within, returning to Olympus through emotion and heart.

Beyond the trifles that distinguished the three campaigns, the overall approach is obvious. First of all, there is no money, so plain and painful. Therefore, the club must tighten its belt, dispose of assets that do not add value to it and reward the work done at La Masia.

Secondly, the staggering debt assumed by the club that it can vaguely cope with must be renegotiated. At the same time, they must look for alternative sources of income to compensate for the black hole in which the club’s coffers are located.

Immersed in a world halfway between professionalization and politicization, the club must restore its credibility and respect, only unfounded and sustained by results and personality. Unearthing the values of the club, after years of corrosive practices, is not going to be an easy task. Still, if anyone can work such a miracle, it is Joan Laporta. If we add to his charisma a team of people with proven experience and blaugrana blood, flying is possible.

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