Every effort has its rewards: Edgar Badía

This story is an example of how football, sooner or later, gives you back in spades what you give it. It is the story of a career full of work in the shadows that finally sees the light of day. This is the path taken by Edgar Badia, in my opinion, the best goalkeeper at national level at the moment along with Aitor Fernandez (Levante). The level shown by both is far superior to that exhibited by the theoretical candidates for the goal of the national team: David De Gea, Kepa Arrizabalaga and Unai Simon.

Formed in the youth academy of Cornellá, he defended the colours of Espanyol, Granada and even Reus (a team whose economic problems prompted the goalkeeper to sign for Elche).

Edgar is a goalkeeper who, in his own words, defines himself as proactive rather than reactive. He has turned agility and concentration into his best weapons to compensate for his height disadvantage compared to his guild mates.

Edgar has been able to transfer this dynamism that characterises him off the pitch. After graduating in Business Administration and taking a master’s degree in Business and Digital Marketing, he has created together with Tomeu Nadal (Albacete goalkeeper) his own brand of gloves.

With the humility of a man playing his first game in front of his elders, he defends the strength of the team from Elche and has promised that it will not be easy to conquer him, let alone break him down.

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