LaLiga sinks in Europe

How is it possible that our faces are painted in such a way in front of the eyes of Europe and we do not react? Teams’ bearers of our football and defenders of belonging to the most competitive league in the world, I find less and less arguments to believe you.

Squads that, despite not being at their best, are coming to Spain in search of a second chance. That sensation that once commanded respect, even fear, has become an illusion.

Football is about talent, luck and ambition. Although probably not in that order.

The Cristiano-Messi pairing and the emergence of Javier Tebas as the competition’s leading exponent overshadowed the centralised sale of rights in the UK for years, making the Spanish tournament synonymous to entertainment and business.

However, the fall of the eternal duo and the fading of the manager seem to have turned their competition into a league of mediocrities with a clear lack of ideas, lack of sporting and financial planning and, consequently, where the attraction of talent is conspicuous by its absence.

In any case, I do not advocate the creation of a unified European league, since I have already demonstrated my animosity against it in other posts. I am simply in favour of creating a base and evidencing long-term plans. Carpe Diem” sounds great but it is not going to feed you. The squads, devoid of any direction whatsoever, profess designs unbefitting of a football team and totally akin to a wartime battalion. The big problem is that when they enter the field, they have forgotten how to fight and defend their colours.

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