The Fight Club

Rush is never good and after days of hard work we return to the ring.

Never better said, because today we are going to remember the most savage and at the same time remembered fights of our beloved sport. Although it is a contact sport, in no case should it become a pitched battle.

We start in Belgrade, where in 2014 a European Championship qualifier between Serbia and Albania took place. The two hot-blooded nations engaged in a colossal brawl after a drone appeared on the pitch dressing the visiting team’s flag.

The next case occurs in southern Europe, more specifically in Italy. The confrontation between Batistuta and Emre, in a Champions League match between Roma and Galatasaray, was the trigger. A dispute that ended up going beyond not only the limits of the stadium but also the limits of sport, generating a diplomatic conflict between the two countries.

The latest episode takes us to South American football. It was 1995 when a Super Cup match between Velez Sarsfield and Flamengo at the Maracana stadium went down in history for its altered contest. A clash between Zandona and Edmundo, after which the former threw a punch at the latter, sparked an abysmal brawl that was joined by Romario with a flying kick.

Given its large following, it is possible to argue that football today reflects the behaviour of a society, therefore it is sometimes vital to bring rationality to such a passionate phenomenon.

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