Football’s precocity

The other day I had the opportunity to read in the French newspaper L’Équipe, a study in which they indicated the 50 best U20 players of the moment.

A veritable collection of diamonds in the rough, far from being polished in the shadows, they already unleash irrational passions and are the victims of constant flattery. Players who wear the colours of dream teams such as Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax and Manchester United.

To what extent is it appropriate to put them in the spotlight at such a young age? In my humble opinion, high expectations have never been a good ally of youth.

Despite the ephemeral nature of their sporting careers and their exorbitant contracts, success is simmering. Therefore, it is not possible to describe players of 24 or 25 years of age as failures. Each player is unique and the comparisons, odious, only manage to burn that spirit of conquest with which they all start.

Pause. So simple and yet so utopian. We must relieve them of that unfounded pressure they already carry on their shoulders and allow them to play as if their lives were not at stake. This is the only way to make the sport great. How is it possible to hand over the reins of the country’s most fruitful companies to young people who can vaguely drive?

Those who today we consider legends, at that age had not reached to be a prologue. It is obvious that we all want these promises to be fulfilled, so let’s give them the gift of time and they will bring us countless joys.

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