World Club Champions

“Football is a sport invented by the English, they play eleven against eleven and Germany always win”. Or in this case, Bayern Munich.

This week took place the competition whose aim of crowning the best club in the world. However, sportingly speaking, the best teams globally do not participate in it. The most exotic and yet smallest tournament of the season resorts to promoting its uniqueness to compensate for its sporting shortcomings.

The disproportion of quality between the exponents of each continent makes this competition a schoolyard for the Europeans, who only laziness and lack of concentration can keep them away from the deserved reign. Their opponents would rarely stand up to second-division sides or even their reserves.

From the point of view of the top clubs, access to such a competition represents a hindrance rather than recognition. It means cutting the regular season short and travelling to a country with questionable footballing interest to say the least.

This competition is a slap in the face of modern football. Given its short history (it began in 2000 and did not have its second edition until 2005) and the recurring criticism of the overcrowding of the calendars, it is totally dispensable.

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