Let’s celebrate

Carnival is approaching and although this year it will not take place in the same way as usual, at Foot Renegades we are going to celebrate it by remembering the most emblematic and vindictive goal celebrations.

For one day we are going to give the goal, our eternal protagonist, a secondary role and we are going to place all the spotlight on its best celebrations.

One of my favourites beyond the shield that the player defends, is the one from Dani Alves and the banana, for its vindictive character. Having suffered first-hand the brunt of racism, the charismatic Brazilian winger has taken up the mantle of anti-racism and turned his fight into a fight for all. In recent years, there have been many demonstrations against this incomprehensible racial hatred, yet irreverent and unacceptable episodes continue to take place today.

The next show takes place in the centre of Iceland, in a town with an unpronounceable name. The main actors, the players of Stjarnan FC, aware that they would not achieve stardom through their ball skills, chose to achieve fame by acting out everyday activities after their goals. Performances as varied as going fishing, giving birth to a ball or forming a human bicycle.

Last but not least, I have opted for Totti’s celebration in a match between Roma and Lazio. The capital derby immortalised the image of the eternal captain celebrating one of his most notorious goals. After the goal, Francesco went to Roma’s goalkeeping coach to ask for his mobile phone and took a selfie with his team’s ultras.

Football has never been so far from the sport and close to the entertainment industry as on these occasions.

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