The beauty of chaos

Always under the guidance of Johann Cruyff, football is simple: always score one more goal than your opponent. I often wonder what are the most sought after attributes for success in the sport.

Some would say power and aggressiveness. Others will argue for accuracy or effectiveness.

For me, the imbalance. There is no greater overflow than having the ability to overflow with both legs indistinctly. In a world in which we increasingly seek to provide greater predictability, uncertainty is gold.

Throughout history, many players have been touched by a wand and have successfully defined themselves as ambidextrous. In this post, I would like to highlight some of them.

For starters, Ousmane Démbelé. Mosquito, despite appearing to be made of glass, is an absolutely baffling player. Capable of the best and the worst, not just in the same game, but in the same play. However, his devilish speed and his lack of control make him an outstanding agitator.

We continue with The Wizard. This nickname already gives a glimpse of the excellent qualities of the next protagonist, Santi Cazorla. A real orchestra conductor, he was vital for all the teams that have enjoyed him, displaying an overwhelming vision of the game. A different player who disguised the moments of lack of control as a pause and dyed the calm as a storm.

What about the Czech Fury? Pavel Nedved was the man who brought Central European football to life thanks to his extraordinary command of the ball. His mastery of the game stole the hearts of us fans and gave an indomitable spirit to the colours he defended. The beauty and plasticity of his actions will remain intact in the memory of all those who saw him dance with the ball.

Our last star takes us to one of the forerunners of mate, Uruguay, Diego Forlán’s birthplace. An amazing striker who craved the goal with all his might. An unprecedented example of physical strength, agility and self-confidence. Players like him are missed, they made football a place to stay and live forever.

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