Innocent until proven otherwise

Success is so addictive that even when you succeed it doesn’t seem to be enough. Because of this misguided thinking, a number of footballers have succumbed to the temptation of substances as addictive or even more addictive than prestige to enhance their qualities on the field. Tempted by their desire for glory, their excesses end up plunging them into the deepest misery.

However, the latest case to be reported in the media is the one of André Onana, the current Ajax goalkeeper. An exemplary footballer, who does not start rumours off the pitch, has suddenly been banned for 12 months? Totally absurd, isn’t it?

After digging a little deeper into the case it becomes even more surreal, given that it is a human failure. Apparently the footballer mistook an aspirin for a medicine prescribed to his partner, because of the similarity of their packaging.

FIFA, is it really necessary to ruin this player’s career? It is clear that his intention had nothing to do with performance improvement. I find it outrageous that the highest institution of world football, in view of the difficulties it is going through, seeks to reassert itself at the expense of the Cameroonian footballer. He has passed up much more outlandish cases of well-known footballers to take it out on Onana.

Competitiveness in modern football has brought excitement back to the stadiums. Please bring back the values as well.

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