Football has no memory

Football does not rest. It is a sport that requires a high level of physical demand as well as mental sacrifice.

At the time I commented on the advantages of being a professional in this sport. However, the ins and outs of a career that, even when it reaches stardom, is severely rigid, are unknown.

I mean having to settle down even though you’re a minor, when by then that’s the last thing you want. The dedication, not only of the player, but of his/her entire family should also be underlined. With the exception of the young person who comes from a wealthy background, it is common to see how fathers and mothers become superheroes, for example by moonlighting or giving up sleep so that wealth or distance are not an impediment.

In the same way, it is essential to point out the interest that moves this environment. It seems that when you start to take off everyone wants to take advantage and get on your rocket. So, despite being accompanied twenty-four hours a day, the feeling that abounds in countless situations is loneliness. In the end it is difficult to distinguish the helping hand from the opportunistic hand.

The passion that one day led them to dedicate themselves to what they most desired becomes convenience.

Is the opportunity cost they have paid fair?

Professionals who, although accustomed to a stratospheric standard of living, have not enjoyed the pleasures of living a day like a normal person. And that ends up taking its toll. As the years go by, you realise that “Football has no memory” and the only memory that remains are the debts and the belly in the shape of a ball.

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