Conference League: is it really necessary?

From the creators of the European Super League comes the Conference League. Sorry to be so forward, but what a stupidity.

A priori it is very nice to sell inclusion in the eyes of the world. However, beyond reaching players with less media coverage, the only interest generated by this competition is economic and for its organizers. For me, even before it starts, it is already a tournament with an expiration date.

Is it really going to give more visibility to more modest squads? Stuffing the calendar like a can of sardines, I believe it is not the most effective way to increase the tracking of these teams. On the contrary, with such an abundance of games it is very likely that another event will always take place that will arouse more interest, whether it is a football game, another sport discipline such as basketball or the fashion series at the time. Given this lack of media interest, I cannot see what incentives might tempt participating teams to focus on this competition and neglect domestic championships. After all, the latter ones are who feed the teams.

Only those teams with a larger budget and therefore a larger squad will be able to get out unscathed of these compact schedules. The teams from the five major leagues that take part in such a show will be the main contenders for the title year after year.

As far as its implementation is concerned, it offers nothing new. Its development is highly similar to the one used in Champions, although with a complex classification system that discourages the most fanatical and with the greater presence of teams with long and unpronounceable names.

In summary, it is a crude copy of the extinct Intertoto in 2008, whose only distinction is that it takes place during the season and not in summer.

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